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Home n Work SmartEquity™ Program

Pay off Your Mortgage Years Sooner and Save Tens to Hundreds of Thousands

The Home n Work Smart Equity™ Program - Introduction

SmartEquity Program


What is the SMARTEquity™ Program?


It is an online software application that incorporates complex calculations in an "easy to use" format allowing you to achieve enormous savings by reducing the amount of time required to pay off your mortgage or any other type of debt.


We will set you up and show you how simple it is to monitor your progress.


We will be there for help and unlimited support. You will need a mortgage broker to set you up with the right line of credit or one that can be used behind your current mortgage. You will be able to immediately see the time and interest saved on your mortgage and debts.


You start by entering your current spending habits into SmartEquity™ software and it will produce a financial road map from your current spending habits and save you thousands of dollars in interest by dramatically reducing the time to eliminate both your mortgage and personal debts. The mortgage broker will then use a home equity type of line of credit (or a combination of fixed/variable mortgage products in front of a smaller line of credit) that in many cases completely eliminates the interest payments of loans you control. That's right, this system shows you how to produce interest free loans. The software helps you pay off credit card debts in a fraction of the time without paying any more money than you're currently paying or without making any changes to your current spending habits.


The system, in an easy to use format, uses the same techniques used by banks and corporations to execute complex daily interest calculations.

The banks prefer that these techniques, and this system, were kept a secret. We say this with confidence that no banker or other advisor has offered to show you 'how' to pay off a mortgage 10 or even 15 years earlier with any focused and supervised effort. Why? For the simple reason that this is how they make their money. They make more money by keeping you in debt longer than necessary.


30 year graph

The above graph shows in orange a 30 year amortization of a mortgage for $250,000 @ 6%, with the monthly payments of $1498 per month, and it takes the full 30 years to pay the loan off. The blue portion of the gaph shows the same loan amount of $250,000 paid off in just 9.1 years by using the national mortgage broker services of Home n Work Mortgages with the SmartEquity Software

At 'Home n Work' we believe that we can save thousands of dollars to the average hard working Canadian family. 


And we hope, from word of mouth, that you will tell your friends and family about us, so we can continue to help Canadians become debt free faster than ever before.

Applying these techniques with the right mortgage + software will help you eliminate both your mortgage and personal debt in a fraction of the time while saving you thousands of dollars and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.

This program works for people with stable employment, who pay their bills on time, and have monthly income greater than expenses.










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