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We are Canada's #1 source for arranging Bank mortgage loans and private lender mortgage loans -

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A friendly mortgage broker will contact you within 1 - 2 hours. No need to go anywhere else!


All information and documentation received is kept strictly confidential. You will be kept well-informed during the mortgage process and we will be with you step by step. We offer to you the utmost in quality and service and are here to satisfy your needs with any questions or concerns you may have.



You could qualify for a Canada Mortgage even if:

  • You have Bad Credit
  • You are self-employed or unemployed
  • The Bank has said "No"!


The first thing you should do is take advantage of speaking to a 'live' Canada mortgage consultant. The service is Free! You can send in the 'No Obligation' application form above and a Mortgage Consultant will call you within a few hours. The advice is free! Great help in deciding the direction you should take when it comes to arranging for a new home purchase, house refinance or a new debt consolidation loan.


We Have Access to Dozens of Lenders

Whether you are ready to buy a new home, debt loan refinance, consolidate debts or lower your Canada mortgage payments it is important to know how a Canada mortgage consultant can assist you. We can arrange for a lowest rate Canada mortgage - anywhere from coast to coast - with one of dozens of institutional lenders and hundreds of private lenders that we can use.


Why Use a Canada Mortgage Consultant?

The simple answer is that a Canada mortgage consultant will represent you and present your Canada mortgage application to the best lender that is willing to give you the best rate and mortgage terms. A Canada mortgage consultant's first interest is getting you the mortgage that is in your best interests. This is an important distinction when compared to a bank loans manager who serves the best interests of his bank - and not yours.


How does it work with a Canada mortgage consultant? Well, we use automated computer systems that scan all major lenders for best rates and special discounts, then we match the best terms and mortgage provisions with your own unique needs. It is the personal advice from a Canada mortgage consultant that makes a real difference.


Special Canada Mortgage Lending Programs

Besides the 'best rates' we will have access to special lending programs that will provide further discounts beyond best-posted rates. This is because financial institutions have sale and rate specials that change frequently and advise us first. We pass these savings to you.






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