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Pay off Your Mortgage Years Sooner and Save Tens to Hundreds of Thousands

The Home n Work Smart Equity™ Program - FAQs

SmartEquity Program


Q: Why doesn’t my bank inform me of this product?
A: Banks are in the business of making as much profit as possible. When you take out a conventional P&I loan, you end up paying for two or more homes depending on the terms of your mortgage. One for you and one for the bank.
Q: Do I have to make any changes to my current mortgage or refinance?
A: No. With this program you don’t have to make any changes. It’s very simple to set up. All you need to do is add an advanced Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and deposit your income into the HELOC and pay your bills out of the HELOC. There are additional techniques, so you pay no interest.
Q: Does this mean I will have to spend more money on my mortgage?
A: This works with your current budget. You don’t need to pay a cent extra and still you pay off your mortgage in 1/3 to 1/2 the time. However, if you do look at your budget and see where you can lower other expenses elsewhere you can pay off your mortgage even faster than 1/2 the time.
Q: How does my mortgage get paid down without having to spend more money?
A: When you setup the proper mortgage combination and borrow from the HELOC to apply to the principle on your mortgage, you’re actually transferring the borrowed amount for your P&I loan to your HELOC Loan. By parking your income into the HELOC and paying your bills out of the HELOC. The saving in interest ends up paying off the HELOC loan and then you start the process over again.
Q: What do I get when I acquire this program?
A: We provide a secure password protected website where you enter information about your mortgage, HELOC, income and expenses. The software calculates how much time and interest you’ll be saving. Average interest saved is just over $100,000 and the average time saved is 16 years. Each situation is unique and changes month to month from your initial setup. The cost for the program is just under $1000; and this cost and any mortgage broker fee, if applicable, can be just added to your new mortgage.
This powerful software adjusts from month to month to keep you on track. Each time you make a financial decision, it will calculate your net worth. The software teaches you to make better financial decisions by allowing you to see the immediate effect. A mortgage consultant with Home n Work Mortgages considered a mortgage reduction specialist is just a call or email away to help.
Q: Can I do this Program without the software?
A: Yes you can, but without a roadmap you can end up anywhere. Imagine two people in a foreign country where they don’t speak English and they need to get to a certain part of the Country. One person doesn’t have a road map, the other person has a GPS guiding them every step of the way. One person may never reach their destination while the other will not only reach their destination but will do it in record time. Think about all the people that end up refinancing their home every 5-8 years and still never pay off their home. Using our system, they pay down their mortgage faster without changing their spending habits. It is all about using a focused approach with supervision! The mortgage consultant will set you up, and even work with your financial advisor, to ensure that you are successful.










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