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Residential Mortgages in Canada

Good or Bad Credit Financing

Qualifying for a Canada Residential Mortgage

It is important to realize that all mortgages are not created equal. Just because the interest rate may be the same it doesn't mean it is the same mortgage document. For example, we will explore what you want in a mortgage. Short or long term, payment frequency, early payout, principal reductions and payment increases. One lender can offer different interest rates but only one product - their own.


You could qualify for a Canada Mortgage even if:


  • You have Bad Credit
  • You are self-employed or unemployed
  • The Bank has said "No"!


The first thing you should do is take advantage of speaking to a 'live' Canada mortgage consultant. The service is Free! You can send in the 'No Obligation' application form above and a Mortgage Consultant will call you within a few hours. The advice is free! Great help in deciding the direction you should take when it comes to arranging for a new home purchase, house refinance or a new debt consolidation loan.




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A friendly mortgage broker will contact you within 1 - 2 hours. No need to go anywhere else!


All information and documentation received is kept strictly confidential. You will be kept well-informed during the mortgage process and we will be with you step by step. We offer to you the utmost in quality and service and are here to satisfy your needs with any questions or concerns you may have.



Help for People Who Want to Improve Their Credit Rating

Are you....
  • Having sleepless nights worrying about paying your bills?
  • Considering consolidating your debts?
  • Receiving harassing phone calls from creditors or collection agencies?


Our Services include:

  • Private confidential consulting regarding your situation
  • Pursuing the "best possible solution" for the client, consulting on all consumer options including, informal proposals, consumer proposals and Bankruptcy.
  • Debt settlement assessment with the ability to deal with almost all types of debt
  • Helping you regain control of your future and your financial freedom
  • Personal and family budget evaluations
  • Reducing stress by relieving you from having to deal with creditors
  • Dealing directly with creditors and arranging for protection on your behalf
  • Creditor negotiations and settlements
  • Refinancing recommendations


Fill out the FREE Canada Mortgage quote form and one of our friendly Canada Mortgage Consultants will contact you to discuss the best possibly solution for you!








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