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We focus on the end game of a clients' mortgage rather than on just the next renewal date. We design a mortgage to be paid off on or before their retirement age. We make a client's mortgage freedom date occur as early as possible without effecting one's budget. We use the most advanced software tools in Canada that allows us to include a solution that packages (1) a mortgage product and (2) personalized debt management software for each client. A client receives ongoing budget coaching software to manage all finances until they are completely debt free. Simply, our clients will pay off their mortgages faster with us than elsewhere. No one can provide better service than us.


We are the full scope mortgage broker that is able to do both residential and commercial (home and work) mortgages across Canada. We use Filogix Expert mortgage software and are able to access dozens of lenders nationwide. We can provide the best advice and best rates for any borrower combined with our software add on package.


Why You Should Use Us


1. High Rate Of Pay


We know that you do most of the work! You find the client, and then you give advice, show options, do compliance, ask for referrals and finally secure the mortgage. And so for this reason we structure our pay around you. We add all income earned on a file and then pay you 90% of that total; this could include a lender referral fee, insurance, and volume bonus. For example: You write a deal with a VB lender then (80 bps + 8 bps), plus any other revenue stream would be your gross pay; then you are paid 90% of the total. 


HST/GST Notice: Any compensation we pay you is inclusive of any applicable sales tax that you may charge us.


2. Volume Bonuses

We pay up to 8 bps on top of your normal base pay on volume. If you become a mortgage consultant partner (MCP) then you will earn 8 bps on your personal business regardless of volume. We have low and easy thresholds so everyone may earn a volume bonus with us or through their MCP.


3. You Own Your Client File

We believe that all deals written by you are your deals. All clients secured are your clients. All future referrals from your book are your clients. No one will ever canvass your 'book of business'. We encourage 'succession' planning where you can pass or assign your book of business to an heir or a purchaser to supplement your retirement.


A New Evolution, article by Greg Stanley4. Use of our Mortgage Freedom Date approach to lending with Smart Equity software

We focus on when a mortgage will be paid off rather than just when the next renewal date will be. We 'plan' when a client will be entirely debt free. We 'design' a mortgage solution that will pay off a mortgage by or before retirement age. And we do this by reducing a client's mortgage freedom date years earlier than - anywhere else - with software called Smart Equity. We are able to provide a client with the best mortgage solution that includes personalized software to manage and track the pay down of all their debts. Our solution is so complete that our tracking software will keep a client on track so their mortgage freedom date will be realized. We were the first company in Canada to use this approach on a national level.


View a presentation  (www.mortgagefreedomdate.com) to learn more!


5. You may Sell Real Estate (dual licensed)

We have a 'sister' real estate company called Home n Work Realty that is sweeping across Canada and we have an arrangement with them that they will accept dual licensed persons so that you can place mortgage with us and sell real estate with them.


6. Shared Knowledge Concept

In our network of mortgage consultants we share information with one another. Sale ideas, marketing systems, lead systems belong to everyone. 'All for one and one for all' concept. Everyone may obtain from our marketing department, for a nominal one time charge, a state of the art website, and a vast amount of customized designer art to help you succeed in business. You will be 'ready to go' within 2 weeks of being licensed with us.

7. Be Paid To Help Us Grow

By you referring others to join our company you will rapidly rise to the designation of a mortgage consultant partner (MCP). Once you have 4 others you will earn maximum volume bonus compensation (regardless of actual volume) on your own personal business. You may also have an opportunity to earn income on those that you help mentor under our mentoring program. A MCP may also reward other mortgage consultants with volume bonus splits who do not qualify for volume bonuses on their own. 

8. Insurance Placement


No need to personal sell insurance as we outsource all insurance referrals to Broker Plus Insurance - which is a national insurance agency representing different insurers across Canada. You are paid 50% of first year annual premium "up front" as a gross referral fee. And you earn 90% of that amount for you net pay. Coverages possible: life insurance, critical life, loss of job, accident and sickness. We let the professionals work out the best solutions and get paid for doing so.


9. NO Sign-Up Fees

We've heard about this trend in some areas in Canada, where brokerages charge sign-up fees to new brokers; we never have, nor ever will charge you to join us. It is our privilege to have you work with us, not the other way around.


10. The Same Contract For Everyone


Every single one of us gets paid on the exact same contract Canada for all base compensation. You get 90% of whatever is earned for all revenue streams. In addition, everyone has the same opportunity to build a team or earn volume bonuses. For example, a mortgage consultant partner (MCP) designation with us is someone who helps mentor 4 others with the company and grosses an extra 8 bps on top of base pay (8 bps + usually 80 bps) on this personal business.  


11. Management IS On Your Side - And Is Available


We've heard all the stories, and there's not enough room to write them all down here. Suffice it to say, that we're very conscious of our own personal and professional reputations and we focus on your happiness. You don't owe us anything, and we'll never make you feel like you do!


12. Your contract is vested


Your contract with us is vested. Vested not only means you own your own contract but also your pay formula. Having a vested contract that protects both your rights to your clients, files, AND your rate of pay is what makes your practice with us - grow in real value - so that one day it will be an asset that is 'bankable'. With us you are truly building a marketable asset over time. With us you are building a 'practice within a practice.'


The Next Step?


Want to Know More?

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Note: We are National! You can work anywhere in Canada!



For contract possibilities please contact one of our Mortgage Consultant Managers (MCM) nearest you:

British Columbia & Alberta

Gregory Stanley CFP
Toll Free: 866.658.0492 x 100





We are currently looking for Mortgage Consultant Partners (MCPs) to represent us in the rest of Canada.

For a management opportunity, with very high income potential, please contact:

Greg Stanley CFP
President & CEO
Direct: 1866 658-0492 x 100

Email: gregstanley@homenwork.com
website: www.mortgageconsultant.com





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