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Why Choose Us?

Intermediary between You and the Banks

As Canada mortgage consultants we are not your typical 'suit and tie' that makes you feel uncomfortable while staring at you across an imposing desk. Most mortgages can be first arranged with a phone call or over a coffee. We will arrange your Canadian mortgage application in the most presentable manner possible to conventional lenders.


We Use Many Lenders

As a national mortgage company we use both conventional lenders and private lenders in both residential and commercial lending. With 'one' credit report we can submit to many lenders so the appropriate mortgage for your own unique circumstances can be tailored to your needs.


Imagine that you are in a room with a trusted friend who cares about you and your family and has a great knowledge about mortgages. Now, imagine others entering the room that are mortgage representatives from the major lending institutions in Canada. They are there to consider your mortgage application. One by one they bid on your loan. Your friend continues to encourage them to improve their rates and terms. Those who come up with the most attractive rates then begin to explain what is special about their mortgages. After carefully considering what terms and options are important to you, and keeping in mind the best rates, your friend will help you choose the lender. The experience was friendly, quick and didn't cost you anything.


Your 'friend' is your Home n Work mortgage consultant in the room who is there to ask the right questions and tailor the mortgage to meet your future goals.


We plan your Mortgage Freedom Date to make sense

Your mortgage freedom date is that future date where your mortgage will be completely paid off. You calculate it by simply adding your current age to the remaining months of amortization on your mortgage. (example, age 46 plus 29 years remaining on your mortgage is age 75, so you'll be age 75 when your house is paid off). Unknowingly most borrowers let the banks decide for them their mortgage freedom date without any discussion or thought about matching being debt free by retirement age. Most borrowers are horrified to find out that they will age well into their seventies or even eighties by the time their mortgage is paid off. We are different. We will show you 'how' to take back control from the banks and design when you wish your mortgage freedom date to occur. We can provide you with monthly coaching using Smart Equity software that will manage your finances efficiently.




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A friendly mortgage broker will contact you within 1 - 2 hours. No need to go anywhere else!


All information and documentation received is kept strictly confidential. You will be kept well-informed during the mortgage process and we will be with you step by step. We offer to you the utmost in quality and service and are here to satisfy your needs with any questions or concerns you may have.



You could qualify for a Canada Mortgage even if:


  • You have Bad Credit
  • You are self-employed or unemployed
  • The Bank has said "No"!


The first thing you should do is take advantage of speaking to a 'live' Canada mortgage consultant. The service is Free! You can send in the 'No Obligation' application form above and a Mortgage Consultant will call you within a few hours. The advice is free! Great help in deciding the direction you should take when it comes to arranging for a new home purchase, house refinance or a new debt consolidation loan.






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